# Only change if you have been told to do so.
config-version: 1

# Your Cosmo License Key - Get a license key on the Discord Server.
license-key: ""

# If set to true, when Cosmo detects an outdated version on startup, you will be prompted to update.
# If set to false, when Cosmo detects an outdated version on startup, it will stop  and you will be prompted to update.
allow-outdated-versions: true

# Name of your project. Will be shown in various places on the web server & bot.
name: Cosmo

# Logo of your project. Will be shown in the bot's footer.

  # The network interface the server will bind to. You can specify an IP address or '' to make the server available on all network interfaces. You shouldn't need to change this.

  # The port number on which the server will listen for incoming connections. - Must be between 1 and 65535.
  # Unless you are using a proxy, this should ALWAYS be set to the default http (80) or https (443) port
  # DEFAULT: 80
  port: 80

  # Should the server be loaded in development mode or not (Production Mode). Most users should always set this to false.
  # DEFAULT: false
  development-server: false

  # The text that will be displayed when a user requests the page http://SERVER.IP.ADDRESS in their browser.
  default-text: 'If you see this page when you go to, you have successfully installed Cosmo!'
  # If this is set to true, the HTML page will be used instead of the text above.
  use-html-page: false

  # Bot token from
  token: 'BOT_TOKEN'

  # You Discord Server's ID (Used to register slash commands)
  main-server-id: 000000000000000000

  # Should the bot log command uses in the console?
  log-commands: true
  # Manage the bot's activity.
    enabled: true

    # What status should the bot use?
    # Allowed values "playing", "listening", "watching"
    status: watching

    # What message should show after the status?
    # Placeholders:
    # %name% > The name of your project, stated at the top of this file.
    # %version% > Current Cosmo Version. (Eg: v1.2.3)
    message: '%name% %version%'

    default: '#529AFB'
    green: '#1FE93C'
    yellow: '#FDFF63'
    red: '#FF3D3D'

  # Customize bot logs here.
  # NOTE: These will only log when changes are made through the bot, not the API.
  # Set a channel to null to disable logging. Eg: "command-use: null"

    # When a bot command is used by any user.
    command-use: null

    # When a user links their Minecraft Account
    account-link: null

    # When a user unlinks their Minecraft Account
    account-unlink: null

    # When a cosmetic category is created/deleted/updated.
    category-update: null

    # When cosmetic or cloak is imported/deleted/updated.
    cosmetic-update: null

    # When a user equips/unequps a cosmetic.
    equip-unequip: null

    # When a user makes a purchase from the shop using "/buy".
    shop-purchase: null

    # When a cosmetic is granted or revoked from a user.
    grant-revoke: null

    # When a user pays another user.
    pay: null

    # When a user's balance is modified by the command.
    credit-modify: null

    # When a user receives credits from chatting.
    credit-payout: null

    # When coupon is created/deleted/updated.
    coupon-modify: null

    # When a coupon is redeemed by a user.
    coupon-redeem: null

    # When a creator code is created/deleted/updated.
    creatorcode-modify: null

    # When a creator code is set or removed from a user's account.
    creatorcode-set: null

    # When a creator code is used when purchasing an item.
    creatorcode-use: null

  # Low: Default Minecraft Capes (Migrator, Minecon, Vanilla, etc.)
  # Medium: Optifine Capes
  # High: Cosmo Capes
  # Highest: Client Capes (Lunar, Badlion, etc.)
  # Should Cosmo show a user's Optifine cape if the user does not have a Cosmo Cape
  # This includes players seeing other player's capes who do not use Cosmo
  # This will result in extra bandwidth and requests to the Optifine server
  use-optifine-capes: true

  # The maximum cost an imported cosmetic can be.
  max-cost: 1000

  # Set maximum lengths for cosmetic details here
    cosmetic-name: 30
    cosmetic-description: 100
    category-name: 30

    # Any user ID's here will be able to equip any cosmetic, regardless of if it's in their locker.
    # These users WILL be picked up by the API and the bot.
    - 1234
    - 5678

    # If a user has any of the role ID's below, they will be able to equip any cosmetic, regardless of if it's in their locker.
    # These roles WILL NOT be picked up by the api and will only apply to the bot.
    - 1234
    - 5678


  # What should your currency be called
  # This will be shown in certain command responses
  name: Credits

  # The emoji of your currency - Shown in the balance command
  emoji: ':coin:'

  # What should the currency subcommand be called (if this is set to "credits", the commands will be "/credits balance", "/credits pay", etc.)
  # This must be lowercase and cannot have spaces
  command-name: credits

  # The title that will show at the top of shop embeds
  shop-title: Cosmetic Store

  # Settings to manage auto chat rewards for credits/currency
  # NOTE: The message author is not told when they are rewarded, it is given silently.

    # Should users be rewarded with credits/currency for chatting 
    enabled: false

    # Percentage chance for a message to send credits to someone's account.
    # Each message will trigger this, but not if the message before is from the same user.
    # 10 = 10% Chance
    # 100 = 100% Chance
    chance-to-payout: 12

    # When a payout happens, what's the lowest amount a user could receive
    min-credits: 3

    # When a payout happens, what's the highest amount a user could receive
    max-credits: 8

    # A list of channel IDs where users will be able to chat for credits/currency
    - 000000000000000000

    # Set to true to instead use the above list as a blacklist of channels
    blacklist: false

  # NOTE: Creator codes are NOT case sensitive.

  # Should creator codes be enabled?
  enabled: false

  # If a user purchases an item with a creator code, what percentage of the credits should be paid to the creator.
  # We recommened using 5% or 10%
  # DEFAULT: 5
  percentage-share: 5

  # How many days should it take for an applied creator code to expire on someone's account.
  # After this many days, a user will need to re-enter the code to support them again.
  # Set to 0 for unlimited.
  expiry-time: 14

#           _____ _____            _____  _____   ____  _   _ 
#     /\   |  __ \_   _|     /\   |  __ \|  __ \ / __ \| \ | |
#    /  \  | |__) || |      /  \  | |  | | |  | | |  | |  \| |
#   / /\ \ |  ___/ | |     / /\ \ | |  | | |  | | |  | | . ` |
#  / ____ \| |    _| |_   / ____ \| |__| | |__| | |__| | |\  |
# /_/    \_\_|   |_____| /_/    \_\_____/|_____/ \____/|_| \_|

# The following settings are to manage the API Addon
# If you have not purchased and added the API Addon to the bot, these settings will not do anything and you have finished configuring the program.

  # Configure the ratelimits for your API here. You can set multiple ratelimits as show below.
  # Allowed timescales are "second", "minute", "hour", "day"
  - 60/minute
  - 5/second

  # The key to use for Admin API Features (If you want to create another Discord Bot) - This can be chosen by you but it is highly recommended to generate a key that is at least 50 chars in length.
  # MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THIS FROM THE DEFAULT STRING - If you do not change this, other people will be able to access all user features.

  # Settings to manage individual user API Keys.

    # The length of a user's API Key when it is generated.
    # DEFAULT: 50
    length: 50

    # The amount of seconds a user has to wait after requesting an API Key before requesting a new one.
    # DEFAULT: 120
    new-key-delay: 120

    # The link to the API Documentation that you have created for users.
  # Manage webhook sending when an API call is made

    # Should the webhook show IP addresses from where a request is made
    show-ip: false

    admin: # When a call is made with the admin API key
      enabled: false
    user: # When a call is made with a user API key - Details like the user and IP address is given in the webhook
      enabled: false

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