Making Cosmetics

Although Cosmo has some cosmetics and cloaks by default, it is heavily suggested that you make your own.


Making a Cloak

To make a cloak, you will need some software. Below are some recommendations.

Cloak Templates

Vanilla Template - 32px - Download Perfect for vanilla-style designs, or someone new to pixel art. This is a great size that fits into the game easily.

Scenic Template - 64x - Download Intended for landscapes, characters, and generally more detailed pixel art.

Large Pixel Template - 128px - Download Use this for detailed pixel art like wallpapers, paintings, faces, or complex scenes.

HD Template - 2048px - Download Use this for HD graphics, logos, memes, and anime characters.


Cosmetics must be made on Blockbench as an OptiFine Player Model. You can follow this tutorial by Ewan Howell to learn how to do this. You can start the video at 1:32 since you do not need to change your JVM Arguments. (Unless you know what you're doing and you want to test your cosmetics).

When you export your cosmetic, you should get a model (.cfg) file and a texture (.png) file (by exporting the texture). These can then be imported into the bot.

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