Terms of Service

By using Cosmo, you must agree to these terms. Last updated: May 2024.

  1. Redistribution of Cosmo as your own is strictly prohibited.

  2. Modifying the Cosmo source code is not allowed and will trigger the tamper system. You are only permitted to edit the settings.yml and command.yml files. We have included as much customization as possible in the settings, so you shouldn't need to edit the source code.

  3. You should not edit user or cosmetic data through files as it may be replicated in other places; when using the Discord Bot or API, it ensures all items are replaced.

  4. By purchasing Cosmo, you acquire a copy of the resource; modifying or adding additional content does not make you the owner.

  5. Using Cosmo to create a new product to resell is not allowed.

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