Find out which Clients/Mods are compatible with Cosmo Instances.

Due to how Comso works & serves cosmetics, and how vast the Minecraft modding landscape is, there are some compatibility issues with it. You can find these below.

If you have purchased Cosmo, use the information below to tell your users which clients are compatible.

All-in-one Clients:



1.7 - 1.20

Lunar Client

1.7 - 1.12

Lunar Client

1.13 - 1.17

Lunar Client

1.18 - 1.20

Badlion Client

1.7.x - 1.20

Feather Client (w/ Optifine )

1.8 - 1.20


1.7 - 1.20

Modloaders & Mods:


Forge + Optifine

1.7 - 1.20

Fabric + OptiFabric

1.14 - 1.20

Fabric + Sodium

1.16 - 1.20

Fabric + Capes Mod

1.17 - 1.20

Forge + Capes Mod

1.19.3 - 1.20

More Information:

At a basic level, Cosmo uses OptiFine to display capes and cosmetics, therefore it is vital that Optifine (or optifine logic, in other mods) is present on the player's client.

Optifine only works on Forge, however, the Fabric mod OptiFabric can be used to allow Optifine to run on Fabric (you still require the Optifine Mod too). You need to use OptiFabric (Legacy) if you are using older versions of OptiFine in 1.14 - 1.15.

When you use OptiFabric, you cannot use Sodium. You can use the Capes fabric mod if you'd like to use Sodium but still display capes (cosmetics won't work).

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